Truth and love two very essential things in the life of every man wether they be Christian or what ever beleive they are clinging to,but most importantly they are a no option virtues every Christian must always live with.

This little story of mine is about a friend and his family.He has been broken away and coming back to his family,and each time he is been accepted he makes lots and lots of promises of never breaking again,but when ever he lives the family he does lots of crazy things in other to tannish the image of the family,God’s grace always keeps his family going and standing firm together, last year he broke out again and this time around his famly was almost extinct.

This year he is coming back again expecting to be receive with open arms and a lotof love,as Christian strving to be like Christ is not suppose to beaconfessionbut a life style,because Christ as person did accepted every man in both their mess and strong points,

What happens when he gets home,that i will continue next time ,but what do you think should be done for him?agapelove-e1427894274617

Faith is a life style

Good morning leaders hope you all had a bless and fulfilling night,and i want to beleive none of you is up thinking it was because of their own doing but by God’s grace.

This blessed morning i wish to shear with you all the necessity of making faith a life style and not an emergency button when in great panick.This is because Faith is the greatest virtue and gift a good leader must aspire for effective leadership in the path God has called them in,as the word reveals

“… is ismpossible to please God without faith”(Hebrews 11:6)

reasons why faith needs to be your life style as a leader

-brings all what is not seen to reality or existence

-gives you strength in tough times

-brings out the energy from within

-breaks the bondage of fears

-makes you good leader,these and many others that i shall be shearing with us all

So make Faith your life style and be the lader as God our father will want you to be.

God bless us all


Min.Edmund Ayuk Youth Leader Champions Faith Assembly International Yaounde;Cameroon


Many are times, it is damn serious to want to get everything right before the week runs out,but how sadly that becomes if things don’t go the way you would have love them to go when the week started,so what do you do?,I do have an answer to that and i got its revelation from the devotional i recieved from my friend Chuck an abstract from one of Dr.Billy Graham teachings hers it goes;

“Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.” (Proverbs 16:3 KJV)

Four important things to remember after making a commitment to Christ:
1.Read your Bible every day. That helps you grow. “Desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby” the Scripture says. (1 Peter 2:2).
2.You may say, “I don’t know how to pray.” There’s a simple prayer that I pray many times a day: I say, “Lord help me.” We all have our problems. We all have our difficulties, we all have our challenges, and we can say, “Lord, help me in Jesus’ name.” Just talk to the Lord like you’re talking to a friend.
3.Go to church. Be sure you get into a church where Christ is proclaimed. I’m not telling you which denomination to join or which church, but I hope you’ll be faithful in going to church.
4.Witness for Christ by your words, and the smile on your face, when you are at work or school, or by going out of your way to befriend a person in need, or of another race or background. Go out of your way to be their friend and show them Christ’s love. Some of you . . . have neighbors that you have never met. Go out of your way to go say, “I went to the Crusade and Christ touched my life, and I want to be your friend.” Help them to know that you have been changed and you are different, because of Christ. The same can happen to them, and God wants you to touch their lives.

God bless you.

from “Living in God’s Love” by Billy Graham

How greate a revelation such is,so i will conclude ny encouraging every youth leader to make thair plans with God and with themselves and watch what He will do.

God bless us all,good evening Thursday!


Min .Edmund Ayuk Youth Leader Champions Faith Assembly International Yaounde Cameroon.

Understanding Spiritual Principles as a Young Convert

As a young man,growing up was never really a big deal and living a good Christian life wasn’t too.But i bless God for saving me from all the ignorance  I have suffered from the last 27 years of my existence.

One of the greatest things I have realized is plaguing the Christian youth is the lack of understanding of spiritual principles.What are these principles?;necessary guides or rules that aids a youth from benefiting from the original source of all things in life which is God Almighty.Many youths in the 21st century haven’t really caught this,that is why they fall prey to the lots of gymnastics going on in the church of this century.

God’s word in the bible has all what we need to understand His principles because all the divine principles there were put by Him, and it is only by letting His word come in to you that can cause you to be able to see your way through life and all it crazy corrridors.Like the Psalmist wrote in Psalm 119:130″the entrance of God’s words giveth  light;it giveth understanding to the simple”.Many youth are still very simple in their minds reason why they need God’s word to come into their life

Go for the “Word”  I will say and pray, because in there lies the knowledge and the light to illuminate your path to living inline of the very reason God put you here on Earth.Understanding your life and your very existence is what gives true fulfillment.

GOD Bless us all; the youths all over the World as we forge to make a difference in what we were put here on earth for.


Minister Edmund Ayuk,Youth leader of Champions Faith Assembly International Cameroon;Civil Engineer in Public Works(HND)